Grooming The Next Generation Of 7-Figure Champion Producers With My Proven A.D.M. Framework & An Unfair Technological Advantage

Finally, you can achieve MDRT status systematically and predictably.

“I have a dream…”

After being in the industry for more than 20 years, that’s what most interviewees say when I ask them, “Why do you want to be a real estate agent?” even if they already have some experience.

Hi I’m Perry Siow, Head Of Division and COO at AAG’s Perry Siow Division.

(AAG is Orange Tee & Tie’s champion division as well as the largest and fastest growing division that grew from 3 to 1,700 people in 3 to 4 years.)

When I first ventured in this industry, I had a dream too.

And to tell you the truth, is it was actually the darkest period in my life.

At just the age of 23, I was $50,000 in debt because my business partner at that time had ran away with all the accounts of the trading firm that we had set up together, dashing my dreams of earning big bucks.

For those 2 years in my life, I literally worked every single day without taking any days off.

Eventually, I managed to pay off all my debts by the second year of working,

And the cherry on top was when I was awarded top rookie in 2001.

Since then, I’ve never looked back and I was determined to never find myself in such a dire situation ever again, by focusing on being a top producer year after year.

But that doesn’t mean I didn’t make any mistakes along the way.

There were definitely times, due to my inexperience, when I lost deals to my competitors…

Or when I screwed things up and deals that I almost closed fell through at the last minute, causing all the hard work that I had put in go to waste.

However, after 20 years in the industry and analysing other top producers like me, I noticed the recurring patterns that were common among us.

That’s when I created a proven step-by-step framework, so that the rookies I hired won’t have to repeat and suffer the same costly mistakes I made.

And they’ll have a clear roadmap of the path they have to take in order to achieve their personal dreams.

My Secret Formula… The A.D.M. Method
To Achieving Your Dream

Phase 1: Accumulation (1st-3rd Y​​​​​​​​​ear)

As you probably know, there are many different specialisations or types of transactions in the industry such as:

  • HDB
  • Private estates
  • New launches (local & overseas)
  • Commercial
  • Projects
  • Assignment (for eg. coffeeshops)
  • Industrial
  • En-bloc sales

Based on the goals that you have in mind and other factors (like your risk threshold and personality), I will help you to discover and customise the business model that is a good fit for you, using my 20 years of experience.

We will work on developing your soft skills, familiarising you with the sales process, learning how to prospect and the techniques for closing.

These are the 4 pillars for you to become a top rookie producer.

I will also provide you with resources such as scripts and templates to facilitate your learning and help in your execution, which will be especially useful for your first few prospects.

In fact, I will even follow you to your first few meetings to show you personally how I prospect and close clients.

Phase 2: Diversification (4th Year)

With the resources you’ve accumulated over the past few years, now is the first step for you to diversify your portfolio and invest in your first 7-figure property.

With this asset, you can rent it out to get an additional stream of cashflow on top of your regular producer transactions.

On top of that, its value will also increase through capital appreciation over time in the long run.

So when you sell it off in the future, you will profit from the capital gains accumulated and this can be used to reinvest in higher value property afterwards.

Phase 3: Multiplication (5th Year)

With multiple years of experience under your belt, this is the stage where you diversify your portfolio and multiply your earnings even further while still being an active producer.

As you probably know, nowadays, many of the top producers don’t just rely on their regular transactions to make a living.

Some of the options that you can consider at this stage are (but not limited to the following):

  • Becoming a team manager.
  • Building your own team/division.
  • Becoming a trainer.
  • Investing in another commercial property.
  • Becoming a project IC.

Be Personally Mentored By AAG’s Multiple-Award-Winning COO & Head Trainer (Currently Still An Active Producer)

Since I started in 2000, I’ve achieved the following milestones in my career:

  • Top District Director 2018 - 1st runner up Top 10 Achievers 2017
  • Top Office Sale 2017
  • 1st runner up Associates District Director 2017
  • #1 Associate District Director 2017 - June & Sept.  1st runner up Associate District Director 2016
  • #1 Senior Vice President' 2014 (#1 Sales Division)
  • Special Merit Award 2013 (SMA)
  • Singapore Accredited Estate Agency (SAEA) Real Estate Excellence  Awards 2011 & 2012 - Best Leader Award (Silver)
  • Successful Entrepreneur Award 2013 - Platinum Category
  • As featured on Sunday Times: Invest 30th June 2013 - Good Debt Bad  Debt for young adults
  • Top Achievers since 2000-2012

In 20 years, I’ve handled transactions in room rental, residential properties, landed properties, new launch projects, corporate leasing, commercial property sales, building sales and en-bloc sales too.

I’ve even won the Successful Entrepreneur award for the success I’ve achieved for my own division and team.

Which means… you’ll be mentored by someone who has consistently produced results over the past 20 years.

In fact, I’ve helped to mentor more than 40 top producers personally with some achieving 7-figures within 3 years.

And till this day, I’m still an active producer, so I’m on the ground and up to date with the latest market trends and working strategies.

On top of that, as the ACTA-certified Head Trainer/COO of the AAG division under Orange Tee & Tie,

I personally develop the entire training materials and conduct the workshops for all rookies (more than 1,000 so far) when new people join throughout the year.

As a matter of fact, all rookies undergo the 90 Days Rookie Programme that I created myself.

So I have experience teaching everything from sales mastery to how to master our full suite of apps and also ‘specialty’ workshops that covers the different types of transactions in the industry.

Here Are Some Producers Who Have Benefitted From My Mentorship:

Timothy Tan
(Senior Associate Director)
[Achieved MDRT in 3 years.]

Belinda Yeo
(Associate Director)

Celine Koh
(Associate Director)

Join A Champion Division

AAG is the #1 Champion division in OrangeTee & Tie for all 6 top division awards:

  • Sales
  • Sales Transaction
  • Rental Transaction
  • Project Sales
  • Recruiting
  • Top Senior Assoc Executive Director

This is a testament to how our methods successfully generate results for our producers year after year.

So joining a winning team will help to facilitate and accelerate your journey towards achieving your dreams by leveraging on our experience and proven methods.

Our Unfair Technological Advantage, Featured By
Council For Estate Agencies (CEA)

These technological tools were developed by AAG’s founder, Lester Tan, based on his computing and programming background.

As part of the Perry Siow division, you will get exclusive access to these apps that no other producers in Singapore can use, even if they are in the other divisions of Orange Tee & Tie!

In fact, AAG is the only PropTech (ie. property technology) company in Singapore, as featured in TheEdge Singapore as shown above.

AAG Complete Suites

(Watch the videos below to see how each app works.)


This app literally turns you into a real estate expert instantly!

With all the latest real time data that you need at your fingertips, you’ll never get caught off guard by any question that your savvy prospect asks.

Using the app, you’ll be able to respond to questions that even experienced agents have difficulties answering.

On top of that, with just 1 shake of your phone, you’ll be able to see listings of condos, landed estates, HDB and commercial industrial sites near your current location!

Other information available includes:

  • Instant HDB services
  • Instant floorplans
  • HDB upgrading info
  • Open listings

Even better, it also has useful proprietary features for analysing purposes.

For example, it can calculate how the various cooling measures affect your prospect’s purchasing power or bank loan in just minutes.

In short, this app will help you to close deals confidently and swiftly by providing all the information your client needs to make an informed decision instantly.


In this industry, visibility is critical in generating leads for you to follow up with.

This app automates reposting your listing to the top of the page on sites, like PropertyGuru, so your posts are always above your competitors, helping you to get noticed by potential buyers.

The time you save from manually reposting your listings can then be used more productively to meet more clients, increasing your chances of closing even more deals.


Creating virtual tours used to be tedious and costly… but not anymore!

Within just 15 minutes, this app allows you to create a virtual tour for FREE on the spot and launch it live from your smartphone.

This helps to give clients a better sense of the layout without even having to physically go down to the site for a viewing, especially when there are scheduling clashes.

You can even close the deal without the client visiting the space in person!


This app allows you to promote your listings to fellow co-broker agents effortlessly with a click of a button.

Imagine having a network of competitor agents for you to tap on and work to yours and your client’s advantage.

This will help you to close deals faster, especially when the market is slower.

With all of these apps combined, you’ll be able to boost your lead flow, serve your clients better, sell faster and stay ahead of your competitors.

In general, once our agents use them, they can achieve a breakthrough in their sales with a jump of 20% on average.

How Is The Culture Like Here?

We are like one big family that takes care of each other and supports one another by sharing the different strategies that are working for them.

Our leaders are always open and willing to share and guide the rookies.

For example, each leader may specialise in a certain type of transaction like HDB.

We have specialty workshops and training throughout the year to help rookies with different types of transactions.

This is because we believe in the whole division winning together.

That’s why we created the 90 Days Rookie Programme and Accelerate Champion Success (ACS) roadmap to ensure that rookies get enough support to become successful.

This Is NOT For Everyone!

Only apply if you are…

  • Strong-hearted – Able to pick yourself up and not give up when you fall, even when you’re at your lowest point.
  • Willing to put in the hard work and make sacrifices to reap the rewards in the long run.
  • Open minded to try new things (especially for agents who already have experience).
  • Really want to provide value and help your future clients solve their property conundrums.
  • Daring enough to go out of your comfort zone and face challenges head-on.

The Application Process


Register For Sharing Session


Sharing Session/Interview


Pass RES Exam


AAG Power Up &
1-On-1 Coaching


90 Day Rookie





Frequently Asked Questions

Every year, I will only take a select few rookies as I invest a lot of time and energy in each person to customise my advice based on your needs.

As you can see from the testimonials above, I genuinely make the effort and set aside time to mentor my mentees throughout their journey.

In fact, I have producers who have stayed with me for the past 10 to 15 years, which shows how much they value my guidance.
As you’ve read earlier, I entered the industry during the period when it was the Asian Financial Crisis and the dot cum bubble burst.

Throughout the years, I’ve been able to consistently generate results despite the ‘unfavourable’ economic events like SARS, subprime crisis, oil price crash and even in the recent COVID-19 outbreak.

There are still opportunities even when the market is slow/down but you need experience to spot them.
As you probably know, this is a sales based job, so the ability to engage with your prospects and close them is crucial.

However, unlike when I first started, there are now apps that can help you on the job like what you saw earlier.

With InstantPro, RepostGuru, SMSGuru and vTourCreator, you can have all the information you need at your fingertips, making you more confident, even if you are not a naturally ‘sales’ person.

In fact, there have been cases where agents don’t even speak the same language as their prospects and they still manage to close deals.
Using my A.D.M. method, I’ve helped about 70% to 80% of my rookies to achieve a breakthrough and many of them achieve MDRT status eventually, with some within 3 years of starting.

Till date I’ve successfully mentored more than 40 top producers because I invest a lot of effort and time into each single person.

Submit Your Application

Not many people know this about me…

I’m actually a Primary school drop-out who failed my PSLE.

If this happened to the typical Singaporean, he’d feel like it’s the end of the world already.

But if there’s one thing that I’ve learnt about life, your circumstances don’t dictate your fate.

What’s more important is how you react to them and what you choose to do to move forward.

Now, I’m not saying that education is not important.

I strongly believe that it is. This is why I created the 90 Day Rookie Programme to ensure my rookies can be successful and achieve their dreams.

But my point is if someone who failed his PSLE can be successful in this industry, I believe that with the right guidance, you can too!

And with all the advanced apps to help, you have a higher chance to achieve a breakthrough now more than ever.

So if you think you qualify and you’re ready to take your first step in this industry, then register below to have a casual non-obligatory sharing session with me.

At this chat over coffee, here’s what I’ll be sharing with you from my 20 years of being in the industry:

  • Learn more in-depth about my A.D.M. method and how exactly it can help you to achieve your dreams in this industry.
  • Get a better understanding of yourself and your goals. I’ll quickly chart your growth over the next few years, to give you an idea of the milestones you need to hit to be a top producer.
  • Reveal the 3 BIGGEST mistakes that most producers make that are sabotaging their chances of closing deals. You’ll learn how to avoid them and prevent yourself from feeling stuck no matter how much effort you put in.
  • Share with you proven call/message/email scripts and templates that I’ve used for the specific specialisation that is a good fit for you.
  • Demonstrate to you how powerful the 4 apps are. You’ll get to see them in action and see for yourself how they revolutionise any producer’s work.

So you see, at the end of the day, even if we end up not being a good fit for each other, you’ll at least walk away with more knowledge about the industry and how to achieve success.

If you think you're qualified and you're up for the challenge, submit the form below and we'll be in touch soon.

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